Thomas Knapp’s 2020 Presidential Election Prediction, State By State

Tom is usually right, and he predicts Biden, which means we’re back to the boredom of the Obama years, with the Republicans constantly whining about “socialism.”

By Thomas L. Knapp, Knappster

The changing dynamics kept making me want to put this off, and I was planning to wait for October 15. But I don’t think there are any predictable changes still in the offing, so it’s time to pull the trigger and make a final presidential election prediction.

In 2012, I made predictions for 48 states, and got 48 states right. I did’t even try to predict Florida or North Carolina (if I had done so, I would have been 49 for 50 if I’m recalling my intuitions correctly).

In 2016, I made predictions for 50 states and got 48 of them right. I blew Wisconsin and Iowa.

This year, I am once again predicting 50 states. I can’t say I’m especially confident on all 50 (North Carolina, Arizona, and Florida most look they may still be up in the air to me), but I guess we’ll see if I can maintain my 48-state streak for the third election in a row.


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