Gov. Whitmer kidnap-plotter posted anarchist videos calling cops ‘violent gang’ and ‘enemies’ Reply

If true, this is almost like the good old days of the “propaganda by the deed” era when anarchists were actual badasses.

By Laura Widener, American Military News

One of the ringleaders behind an FBI-thwarted kidnapping plot against Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer was an outspoken anarchist, video evidence shows.

The FBI charged six people on Thursday involved in a plot to kidnap Whitmer and “target and kill police officers” over aspirations of overthrowing the government and creating a new society, Detroit Free Press reported.

One of those six individuals, Brandon Caserta, posted a series of videos to his YouTube account in which he promoted anarchist ideology while posing in front of an anarchist flag. The social media platform removed his videos, but producer and director Robby Starbuck reposted the videos to his Twitter account.

In one video, Caserta referred to police as “a violent gang that has each other’s back,” adding that they are “enemies” of freedom.


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