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My Assessment of Trump: Law and Order Liberalism

He’s Tricky Dicky, redux. Only less Tricky.
By Keith Preston
I don’t spend a lot of time on Trump-bashing because TrumpHate, Inc. is a Fortune 500 corporation at this point. But my assessment of Trump is and always has been that Trump is a neo-Nixonian, a liberal Republican with a right-wing populist flavor. Only today, the culture has shifted far enough leftward that yesterday’s “silent majority” is now the “deplorable” culturally conservative minority. These Proud Boy-types are the present-day version of groups like the Hardhats from the Nixon era. As was the case with Nixon, Trump’s ego is his own worst enemy.
Trump is, at worst, Nixon redux. Though he’s not nearly as tied into the “deep state” as Tricky Dicky. Nixon had been Ike’s VP and associated with the Dulles brothers. Trump is more like Ross Perot is the sense of being a somewhat wacky loose cannon within the upper class.
In fact, Trump and Perot had similar politics. Semi-isolationist, protectionist, law and order, pro-military, patriotic, quasi-populist, etc. but comparatively socially liberal when compared to the “normal” Republicans in the sense of not being as fixated on religion, abortion, homosexuals, 2nd amendment absolutism, etc. The main difference is that Perot was a staunch fiscal conservative and Trump appears to be at least a closet believer in Modern Monetary Theory.

Prior to Trump’s running for prez, he was part of the same circles as the Clintons (and Jeffrey Epstein).
If you take a look at Trump’s history it’s obvious who his political influences are. Nelson Rockefeller, a liberal but law and order Republican that was the biggest name in New York state politics when Trump was a teenager; Nixon, who was prez when Trump was college-aged; Ed Koch, another law and order low-tax liberal who was mayor of NYC when Trump was becoming a celebrity; Perot, another billionaire pseudo-populist; Clinton, another playboy opportunist; and his buddy Rudy Guiliani, another New York law and order liberal like Rockefeller and Koch.
I don’t like any of these figures but they are light years away from genocidal lunatics like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Kim, etc., Bonapartists like Pinochet, full-blown mafia statists like Putin and Erdogan, or even actual conservative nationalists like Orban. In fact, Trump is not only the most liberal Republican prez we’ve had to date, but he’s also not even a real Republican, more like a Blue Dog Democrat.

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