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  1. I usually never watch these dumb ass debates, and didn’t plan to this time. My wife had it on for a couple minutes and we ended up watching the whole goddam thing!

    People keep saying it was the worst debate of all time, but I thought it was amazing. Very very entertaining to say the least.

  2. I would tend to agree that it was quite amazing. The trouble with krystal and saagar is they ars basically advocates of populist democracy which is fine but they are more “elitist” intellectual types when it comes to actual policy. Joe biden and trump are more indicative of actual political discussions and disagreements within the humongous coalitions that they represent. One group which i am sympathetic to thinks this pandemic is a hoax manufactured by a military lab inchina or maryland while the other group thinks this is why the uS needs a nationalized medical system and crack down with the police and the fbi which they were just talking about allegedly abolishing on guns and right wong deniers. I don’t have any faith in the state but then again i am merely expecting it in the ron paul sense to leave us alone not implement a locjdown, fix climate change if it exists, or anything else. This is where kyrstal more so but even sagaar have problems and are relatively mainstream. Sagaaar knows the likely alternatives are bush or bolton.

    Funniky enough for all krystal balls progressivism she makes her money in the same way hunter biden or chelsea clinton or nancy peloski does.



    • Krystal and Saager are good at reporting the mainstream political news in a way that’s not just about shilling for one of the two parties like MSNBC and FOX, but their actual politics are pretty lame.

      • That is true but in this regard they are more mainstream probably then one might think. I don’t say that as a bad thing btw, as michael huemer says centrism is good except my own particular type of extremism, but in general trump is and has been good for the business of journalism. People can’t get enough of the guy! In this regard trump is literally like the kardishians. Everyone says they don’t like them but secretly they all enjoy the spectacle (why would there be this long running show). Trumps fans are just the most authentic and actually if Kayne becomes preisedent we might get a kardishian in the white house!

        Ted koppel/jimmy dore show with Ted Koppel making fun of it.


        Trump has said that before

        • Krystal and Saager are totally mainstream. Their show is produced by The Hill, which is a “big media” company. Krystal used to work for MSNBC and actually ran for a state legislative office as a Democrat. Saager used to work for Tucker Carlson, and as a White House press correspondent. Trump is interesting in the sense of being both a media creation and the supposed bane of the media as well.

          • Krystal’s horrendous choices of attire is enough to discount her views in my book. This nude color dress, followed by the black shoulder poof on the next clip… I mean WTF?!?

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