Fourth Generation Warfare

White supremacist killed in shootout with deputies in California

Some more fourth-generation war. A civil war in the modern United States would be one of history’s biggest messes. It would be like the Lebanese civil war in the 1970s and 1980s with dozens of factions pitted against each other, only it would be worse because a large number of people would be involved, and with more sophisticated weaponry.

New York Daily News

A California man was killed in a shootout with deputies in Templeton, Calif., the San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Office said in a statement Thursday evening.

On Friday, the sheriff’s department identified the man as 38-year-old Christopher Michael Straub of Templeton.

According to Tony Cipolla, a spokesperson for the department, Straub was a “known member of a white supremacist gang,” and he was being investigated by the Sheriff’s Gang Task Force when the shooting occurred.

Straub “had a significant criminal history,” according to Cipolla. He had previously been booked 28 times in jails across the state, including two incarcerations in state prison.


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