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  1. Well, there is a lot going on here with Trump and The Jews. I’ll have to give him a Merit Badge for the statement, BUT you can’t sleep with devil and not pay a price. Pakman is a Spearhead for the Tribe, you know your over the target when the ” anti-semitism ” dog whistle blows.
    Pakman uses the same ” white people ” label for Europeans which is a Tribal epitaph for the Goyim.
    They may well be behind an effort to remove Trump for some perceived transgression, real or imagined. You can’t ever do enough for them. I’m sure Trump is a well versed on all this as you can get, he has a long history of playing with fire…..

    • I would agree that to a large degree Jews are a very insular group with a high level of in-group solidarity, although there is a great deal of disagreement within the tribe about what is in the best interests of the tribe. A comparison between Noam Chomsky and Norman Podhoretz makes for an obvious example. Of course, there are always “traitors to the tribe” like Gilad Atzmon.

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