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  1. I’m sorry, but processed food is not cheaper by any stretch of the imagination. Go to any ethnic grocery store and you will see a variety of bulk and “whole” foods that are cheap and nutritional. On Craigslist you can buy a whole pig or half a cow, or even get free unlimited pet sheep or roosters.

    We are talking about the Walmart shopping, Dancing with the Stars watching crowd here. I would argue it is a case of extreme privilege, as Krystal says, late stage Capitalism, where these people are so well off that they no longer know how to peel a potato or boil a pot of beans, and are so rich that instead they cook a frozen pizza, or eat a Twinkie.

    • I partially agree with that. Anyone living in the United States with an income of around $40,000 per year plus is in the global 1%. But the bottom half of the US population is rapidly joining the Third World.

      • For sure! If you are single and make only $17,000, you are in the top 10% of the globe. That wouldn’t include all the government freebies for being below the ‘poverty line’ either.

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