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  1. I think he is incapable of admitting to losing, and incapable of admitting to ever being wrong. He literally won the election in 2016 and wouldn’t accept the count of the popular vote and just kept repeating lies about imaginary Mexicans voting in California over and over again until both he and his followers believed it. He misspoke about the path of a hurricane and couldn’t even say “sorry about that, I misspoke” and move on with life. Instead he escalated the issue with more and more preposterous lies and forged maps. He couldn’t accept that his inauguration crowd wasn’t the biggest ever, and demanded that everyone participate in his delusions of grandeur.

    If he loses the 2020 election he won’t admit to it, even when he is actually forced to step down. He’ll demand that everyone participate in yet another delusion of his. His followers will fight anti-fascists in the streets and people will die all in defense of his fragile ego. The guy isn’t smart enough to hold on to power, but he’s going to make sure and wreck shit like an over grown toddler before he leaves office.

    • I suspect there will be violence associated with the election no matter who wins. The “best” outcome would probably be for one side or the other to win by a landslide so there will be no doubt who the winner is. But I doubt that’s going to happen. It will probably more like the Bush-Gore election that drags on for weeks if not months where both sides are accusing each other of cheating. However, an additional set of factors are present now that weren’t present then. The Red/Blue “culture wars” which were only beginning 20 years ago have greatly intensified. We’re in the midsts of the pandemic, with mail-in ballots and other unconventional voting methods playing a much bigger role in what is arguably the most contentious presidential election since 1860. We will have experienced nearly six months of protests, riots, and street clashes by the time of the election and its aftermath. Plus, as you point out, we’ve got Trump’s personality to contend with, the fanaticism of his supporters, the hysteria of the “resistance,” and a depressed economy with eviction moratoriums and unemployment benefits about to run out. What could possibly go wrong?

  2. I think you are reading too much into his words here as well as missing what is patently obvious. What he actually said was we will see depending on the ballots and other things. We are getting into Schmidtian sovereignty/exception/democracy territory at this point and I think the 1864 election is probably a better comparison where one tribe is using the current/bordering on martial law elements of coronavirus restrictions (which even though trump is president he isn’t as powerful as many of his detractors claim he is) because lots of political and non politcal actors from local mayors to other republicans oppose him and do so all the time at all levels. Thomas Dilerenzo pointed out that Lincoln won the 1864 election in his book the real lincoln with the force of a gun (basically). This is where one gets the first absentee voting system as well (should the conscripted troops vote). Futhermore there was all sorts of restrictions on newspapers, gatherings, travel, mailings, and so froth which all resemble the restrictions thanks to the pandemic. Some of them of course don’t exist but others clearly do. One of the things which won trump the election in my opinion were his large rallies which are basically more or less not allowed to be held in any meaningful way they were in the leadup. Keep in mind Karl marx had no problem with lincoln and praised him for doing everything he did. You should watch the whole video

    A short article on some of Tom Dilerenzo’s work. https://mises.org/library/origins-american-vote-fraud

    A normie mainstream overview

    Marx priasing of lincoln

  3. On the contrary Joe Biden’s campaign clearly benefits from not having to campaign at all as well as absentee voting. Absentee voting is a different system in the same way caucasing like they do in Iowa is different then filling out a ballot. There is much less opportunity cost to do so (for better or worse). Anom. sources will say that one of the things biden needs to do is to stay out of the public eye (him not campaigning is better). He also doesn’t want to do the debates either which he would get crushed with huge gaffes and lots of meme able videos/gifs. Also, the big media companies won’t allow coronavirus skeptic videos (which basically vindicate trump’s lackluster response as the correct response…aka how bad was Sweden even though they kept much stuff open). Joe biden basically jsut folows the CDC guidelines and the wuhan helath organization word for word. So there are these peripheral ways in which Trump is harmed and Biden isn’t. He didn’t say he wouldn’t step down what, rather, he said is we will see. A large portion of those who opposed to slavery had no trouble with what Lincoln did so all this crying over “peacefully transferring power” and “democratic procedural-ism” is just nonsense. If biden gets elected he has stated he would declare all sorts of coronavirus restrictions (in all liklihood) as well as probably climate change ones too many of which us skeptics of the policy have no interest in seeing occur. Neither side is following strict “democratic proceduralism norms.” The outrage is phoney and selective.

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