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The dramatic governing changes Democrats could make if they take power

The WaPo, the voice of the CIA/Bezos axis, is more or less advocating that the Democrats use David Faris’ suggestions to create a one-party state like Mexico’s Institutional Revolutionary Party during most of the 20th century. I suspect that if the “right-wing” were completely shut out of any meaningful participation in the electoral system an increase in right-wing terrorism would result, which would then be used by the state as a pretext for expanding state power in the name of homeland security.

By Amber Phillips

The Washington Post

Senate Republicans have coalesced around voting on President Trump’s eventual nominee to replace the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, infuriating Democrats, who don’t have any procedural tools to stop them.

What they do have is a strong chance of regaining the majority in November, and they are threatening consequences then for what they see as Republican hypocrisy on taking up a nomination in an election year. They are talking about using that power to enact dramatic changes to the rules of how the Senate and the Supreme Court operate, and even the methodology for who wins the presidency.


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