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BLM’s Hitlerian Heart

My main criticism of the Left is its failure to recognize the centuries-long history of leftist genocides, massacres, purges, repression, and authoritarianism. Most leftists treat this as a side issue at best, even they acknowledge the issue at all. Too many holocaust-deniers on the Left.

By David Cole

Taki’s Mag

“Why is Hitler remembered as the worst villain ever, when other dictators racked up higher body counts?” Man, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked that question, I’d have 6 million bucks (though that number might decrease during a later recount). It’s a decent enough question, though. Stalin killed way more than Hitler, as did Mao. Yet it’s Hitler who’s most remembered as the “worst of the worst.” Why?

The textbook Simon Wiesenthal Center answer is “Oy, the gess chembers! Shtalin didn’t use gess chembers.” In other words, Hitler’s scarier because he “modernized” and “industrialized” mass killing. Booga-booga!

The textbook far-right answer is that we Jews, who run things and all, vengefully elevate Hitler to super-devil status because he picked on us. So we damn him and his memory for all eternity.

There’s truth to both answers. Regarding gas chambers, yes, the human mind is more likely to be captivated by an assembly-line sci-fi murder contraption than by a gulag where people die of starvation, exposure, and bullets. “Official” Holocaust historiography tends to play up the elements that excite the imagination.


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