Understanding the Multifaceted Far-Right Movement 1

A pretty good overview fo the state of the far-right from a far-left perspective.

WORT Community Radio

The far-right movement isn’t monolithic—it’s a complex spectrum of organizations and ideologies. To help us break it down, today Allen is joined by Matthew N. Lyons, co-author of the landmark book Right-Wing Populism in America, to discuss the evolution of rightist trends and the rise of fascism in the U.S.

With the help of listener callers, they discuss white nationalism, the far right’s relationship to the Constitution, the politics that paved the way for Trump, the meaning of fascism, and the interplay between right-wing movements and systems of oppression.

Matthew N. Lyons is a writer and longtime observer of right-wing politics. He is the author of Insurgent Supremacists: The U.S. Far Right’s Challenge to State and Empire (PM Press, 2018) and co-author with Chip Berlet of Right-Wing Populism in America (Guilford Press, 2000). He writes regularly for the radical antifascist blog Three Way Fight.


One comment

  1. For a few years, I’ve noticed and objected to the misuse of terms like “far-right”, “extreme-right”, and “alt-right”.
    Where, oh where, has the mere “right” gone?
    It must still be ‘there’, correct?!?
    What happened, I have long suspected, is that the biased-MSM and the opinion-movers-and-shakers simply went one notch “left”, meaning that from THEIR new point of view, everyone on the “right” SEEMED to go “one notch to the right”.
    But that is merely a pretense.

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