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Why Biden May Win

By Paul Gottfried

Intellectual Takeout

Last week the Cotto-Gottfried podcast interviewed New York financier and widely read blogger Adam Townsend. He strongly believes Biden will win the presidential race.

Townsend did not seem to relish his analysis and kept returning to this desperate defense of the president: “For all his faults, only Trump will take on the mega-corporations.” Nonetheless, he presented the following reason for why Biden’s side would triumph on election day.

For starters, attempts by the Trump campaign to stress the personal and moral weaknesses of the Democratic presidential candidate will not get them a win. That’s because Biden’s political fortunes do not depend on what he says or doesn’t say, but on the reach of those who have spent the last three-and-a-half years working to drive Trump from office.

It makes no difference in terms of Biden’s electability, according to Townsend, whether the Democratic candidate stays in his basement bunker or ventures into the political arena. So far it hasn’t hurt Biden that he makes one verbal gaffe after the other in carefully orchestrated non-interviews, or that he makes up his “facts” about any subject he addresses in his limited public appearances.

Nor is his election endangered by the corrupt behavior of his son Hunter in collecting money from the Chinese and Ukrainians; nor have Biden’s poll numbers gone down after the discovery that his campaign staff have been running around bailing out Antifa rioters. This election is not about a blundering 77-year-old hack politician who mistakes his sister for his wife and who can’t figure out what state he’s standing in. This contest is about removing a president whom the political and media establishment don’t want and whom they have gone after with manufactured scandals from the moment he took office.


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  1. “Nor is his election endangered by the corrupt behavior of his son Hunter in collecting money from the Chinese and Ukrainians…”

    That’s only because the biased MSM has been so thorougly partisan about ignoring what was obviously a major example of bribery and corruption by the Bidens.

    Biden presumably understood at least as early as 2012 that Hitlery Clinton was going to be anointed to the candidacy by the DNC in early 2016, and would be elected in that subsequent election. He felt quite certain that his politician-days were up, and so the receipt of $3 million in bribes (funnelled to his son Hunter at the rate of about $800,000/year would not be detected, or at least wouldn’t lose him any future benefit.

    Presumably, Biden also ‘knew’ that the biased MSM would work hard to cover it all up, and they certainly did so.

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