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What comes after the left / right paradigm, if anything?

This is what our “antifascists” need to be focused on, not the shenanigans of some carnival barker like Trump.

Wrench in the Gears

I asked this question on social media today and got quite a few very thoughtful replies.
One person asked me what led me to ask the question, and this was my response:

I believe we’re teetering on the brink of worldwide techo-fascism.
Well, it’s pretty much blowing out in certain quarters already.

The program has been wrapped in progressive language.
As a result, many have unknowingly been led to embrace the creation of a global digital jail.
We’ll soon see the roll out of Internet of Things social credit scoring and human capital bonds.
The rules of the game will be the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

This is the World Economic Forum / Davos global economic reset.
This is the advent of Globalization 4.0.
This is “wrong kind of green” financialization of nature.
Predatory poverty mining by nonprofits for hedge funds.
Covid the trigger event; Klaus Schwab the helmsman.

We need a clear assessment of stakeholder capitalism.
While we were busy surviving austerity.
Fin-tech oligarchs, academics, and think tanks, crafted a high-tech economic control system.
Put on the brakes now or “what works” “smart” government will dominate most humans.
And our precious earth and fellow non-human travelers, too.

Look up, to space.
That’s where the IoT, GPS, AR, satellite constellation are.
Control from above, but by the military not God(des).
Faith communities, NGOs, activists all harnessed to this apparatus.
Soon to be replaced by the Fourth Sector.
Corporatized public-private partnerships and pay for success finance waiting in the wings.

So far I am not seeing many with clear eyes to face what they are a part of.
It’s hard when your identity is wrapped up in concepts of benevolence, charity, and being the “good” person.
Those who identify themselves as the “good people” will be running the gulags – on dashboards.

Over the past six months I’ve watched the left eagerly wave in techno-fascism.
I thought it was because they didn’t know better.
But last week I stumbled onto Michael Young, social entrepreneur.
I dug into his ties to the Labour Party in the UK and the Fabian Society and London School of Economics.
I waded into the classism and eugenics that threaded through the early decades of Socialist organizing.
The same tendencies carried over into racist aspects of FDR’s new deal.
And now we have a “Green New Deal” on the way.

What is the role of government once Google / AWS / Goldman Sachs / Palantir are your government?
When did elected officials become window-dressing for IBM / Oracle / Cisco algorithms?
The United States government was never about equality for ALL people.
Colonialism baked into everything.
We’re poised to be colonized by military nano-tech at the cellular level.

Will cutting edge bioinformatics and CRISPR blend eugenics into the whole rotten pay for success program?
Those mRNA vaccine platforms at the ready for population level bioengineering.
With a few tweaks to our DNA they’ll set us up as better partners for the robots.
With an injection you get a QR code so you can leave your house and go to school, work, the store.
Welcome to the biosecurity police state.

Our work is cut out for us for sure.
Few have a clue about what Bloomberg / Gates / Buffett / Omidyar have up their sleeves.
So many gate-keepers and controlled opposition paid to ensure the coup proceeds uninterrupted.
Yet still I am hopeful in the power of the human heart.
Millions are prepared to put bodies against their anti-life onslaught.
We are finding common cause in shutting down the transhumanist / AI / nanorobotics agenda.
Our hearts and spirits connected across the miles, across continents, entangled always.

The time is ripe to entertain a revolutionary world view grounded in right relationships.
It will be our bulwark against technocracy, communitarianism, and mechanistic social engineering.
Our outlook must be grounded in an acknowledgement of the brutal history of stolen land and stolen bodies.
But we will build it out in love and respect and solidarity, not disgust and shame.

Together we can protect the children from surveillance play tables and VR headset programming.
Together we can save the trees from being cut down for better 5G transmission.
Together we can educate and care for the well being of our communities humanely.
Together we can refuse biometric digital ID tied to automated AI policing and threat profiling.
As we organize, the categories we were once sorted into start to fall away.

I don’t see this as a left/right issue anymore.
It is a right relationships issue; it is an issue of care.

The old models are not serving us.
They never have.

The current paradigm keeps people apart.
It distracts us from the realization that this fight is the masses against the billionaires and AI.
We must put Davos in the crosshairs.
Redistribute fin-tech’s plunder.
Dismantle the surveillance state.
Nurture communities of voluntarily shared labor.
Heal the planet. Make things right again.
Each community to their own on condition that we all agree not to hurt one another or the earth.

We need to look beyond western ideals to an Indigenous, land-based system of reciprocity and balance.
This is no easy task, but until we can articulate it we can never have it.

Maybe the answer is Holons.
I keep trying to get folks to read Daniel Suarez’s books Daemon / Freedom.
I can’t speak for others, only for myself.
Anyway, thanks for listening.
Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

The featured photo, I felt, captures the predatory essence of our common foe.
It’s pre-k virtual reality developed by ClassVR, Avantis Systems, Gloucester, UK.


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