Fourth Generation Warfare

Two Lawyers Sentenced To Long Terms For FIREBOMBING Police Car, Media RUSHES To Defense

I can’t really see any principled objection to firebombing police cars (enemy military vehicles). The problem that I have with both conservative anti-protestors like Saager Enjeti and Tim Pool or liberal pro-protestors like Krystal Ball and Kyle Kulinski is that they all believe in the fundamental legitimacy of the system. I reject the “pro-protest/anti-violence” stance. That doesn’t mean I necessarily like all the protestors, violent or non-violent, as much as I simply view them as necessary chaos agents for the purpose of undermining the system. It’s about creating a critical mass that prevents the system from functioning while preventing any of the factions from gaining a concentration of power. It’s not so much a “three-way fight” as the “antifascists” claim as much as “twenty-way fight” with more teams being added all the time. A civil war in the US would have as many teams as the NFL, NBA, or MLB.

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    • Neither leftists nor anarchists nor conservatives nor “faggots” would come out on top in a civil war. Whether you are left-wing, right-wing, or center-wing, if you buy into this “culture war” nonsense then you are a part of the problem. The overlords of the system want there to be division and conflict in order to more effectively maintain their position over divided subjects. It’s the same strategy they use on a more expansive scale in the Middle East: Create chaos, create division, divide, and rule. It’s something that ruling classes have been doing for thousands of years.

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