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Is Black Lives Matter Marxist? No and Yes.

This is a fairly nuanced discussion of BLM from a right-libertarian perspective.  The gist of the discussion is that it is necessary to distinguish between the BLM movement and the organization bearing its name.

By Brad Polumbo

Foundation for Economic Education

On Monday night, Terry Crews was grilled over his criticism of Black Lives Matter by CNN host Don Lemon. As Gina Bontempo pointed out on Twitter: “Don Lemon did everything he could to talk over Terry and silence him as soon as they started approaching what the BLM organization is *really* about.

So what is Black Lives Matter really about?

Many conservatives insist Black Lives Matter is a Marxist, anti-police, radical organization that wants to tear down America. Meanwhile, most liberals simply view Black Lives Matter as a heroic movement and powerful slogan signaling support for racial justice and opposition to police brutality.

Both are right. There is Black Lives Matter™️, and there is “black lives matter.”


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  1. I think this was the only nuanced article I read about the subject… Paticularly, I don’t use the blm hashtag, but I am pro reduce excessive police power… (the idea that every person using the term was a Leninist sounded a little paranoic, to be quite honest…)

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