Pick Your Own, Mix and Match 3

Anarchist News

What kind of anarchist best describes you? If you embrace a label (or labels), what are they and why? I have gone by anarcho-feminist, at least until I was confronted by too many others using the same label to mean something totally different. If no existing label suits you, then what one(s) would you coin, and what would define them?

Refusing to take this labeling thing seriously, as what single word could possibly do justice to the ways that we are all unique powderpuffs, we can still play with labels/characteristics that we think deserve some attention and re-valuation. I would aim for being a Wilde-ist: Williams says about Wilde that he “found in art an exercise in freedom, a source of pleasure, and a mode of value free from moral considerations, the demands of utility, and the dictates of the market. He looked to art as an ideal for labor —creative, meaningful, its products a joy both to make and to use—and as the central element of any life worth living. He therefore thought that society should be organized to foster this sense of beauty —beauty in our surroundings, in our work, in our relationships; in the lives, imaginations, and souls of individual people.” And maybe a Bene Gesseritist too. For those bad days…



      • My comment was half in jest but it would obviously be a non-Hitlerian, non-statist, ‘national socialism.’ Perhaps a Landauerian version.

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