Marianne Williamson: Why I Spoke At People’s Party Convention

I’m curious to see how these People’s Party advocates think they are going to get around the financial and legal limitations on upstart parties, or why they think their party is going to perform any better than other minor parties. The only way the People’s Party could become a competitive party would be to simply align itself with factions within the ruling class. I suspect that may be the goal.

As the late Michael Brooks pointed out, capitalism seems to be moving in multiple directions, including the Brazillian model which the US is presently moving toward, the technocratic model practiced in East Asia and which capitalist class figures like Michael Bloomberg tend to favor, and the Northern European social democratic model which US “progressives” who are heavily rooted in the professional-managerial class tend to favor. Notice that most of the key speakers at this event are “ideas industries” folks like journalists, academics, left-wing celebrities, etc. with one of the social democrats’ high priests, Cornell West, being the keynote speaker.

If this effort is successful, it would mean that we would have one party for old monied capitalism (e.g. the fossil fuels industry), one party for the rising financier and tech oligarchs (the Wall Street/Silicon Valley alliance), and one party for the left-wing of the professional-managerial class (academia, entertainment, journalism, etc.) which about amount to an insurgency by the “new class” within the wider managerial elite.

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