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  1. Unfortunately, this guy is pushing a false narrative. The headline is:
    “Trump Supporters Drive Into People, Shoot People Dead”

    Naturally, this STRONGLY implies that it was the “Trump Supporters” who “[shot] people dead”

    And from the audio: “And so in Portland Oregon we saw a pro-Trump mob drive through the city, one person was shot dead”.

    Two lies in the same headline. In fact, there was only ONE person killed in Portland, at least in one incident, and it was long (?) after the “Trump Supporters” drove through. AND, the person who was killed was killed by rioters, BECAUSE he was seen as a “Trump supporter”, NOT because of the prior parade.

    It turns out that the person killed was a local businessman (Aaron J. Danielson,https://katu.com/news/local/portland-police-identifies-deadly-shooting-victim-seeks-witness-accounts , google search ‘portland shooting victim’ ) who was just happening to be walking about, and had nothing to do with the parade (?) of people who previously went through.

    The likely shooter has been identified as Michael Reinoehl. https://www.wsj.com/articles/police-investigating-antifa-supporter-michael-reinoehl-in-portland-shooting-11598904528

    Keith, you need to be MUCH more careful about what you are citing!

      • Okay. This makes me wonder if this guy actually BELIEVES that the shooter was among the “pro-Trump” crowd, or did he see an opportunity to ‘slickly’ write the material to simply imply that they were at fault?

      • “The person shot, Aaron Danielson, was a member/supporter of Patriot Prayer. Patriot Prayer (based in Vancouver Washington)”

        But the shooter who killed him probably didn’t KNOW that, did he? Are you assuming too much about what the shooter actually knew at the time he fired his gun?

        Was Danielson merely wearing a hat that was associated with those groups? If ‘just anybody’ wore the same hat, and had shown up at that time, would HE have gotten shot and killed in the same way?

        ” is well known in the greater Portland area as right wing agitators who come to downtown to brawl with local antifa and anarchists.”

        I think you are over-stating the situation. If we work under the theory that everybody is entitled to protest, then coming to Portland to protest is not, itself, an offense. And “to brawl with” is also over-stating. Sure, brawls may end up happening, but are you sure that Patriot Prayer is actually the ones INITIATING the brawl[s]?


        “The shooter is most certainly an antifascist.”

        My definition of “anti-fascist” is “anybody who engages in the habit of calling anyone he perceives as his enemy “a fascist”, whether he is that or not”.

        • The shooter self-identifies as an antif-fascist and even had tattoos indicating as such. He has apparently been regularly attending protests as well. So he would fit almost anyone’s definition of “Antifa”, from leftwing anarchists to Trump supporters watching Fox News.

          My understanding is that Joey Gibson was there with Danielson. I don’t pretend to know what was going through Reinoehl’s head, but in general anti-fascists attending these counter-protests would know Joey Gibson and many Patriot Prayer members on sight. Their pictures have been widely circulated here in Portland.

          I would say that Patriot Prayer events are designed to provoke a violent reaction, and their inclusion of Proud Boys means they are coming to town for a brawl. Everyone knows what’s going to go down when Patriot Prayer comes into Portland with Proud Boys and other White Nationalists in their group.

  2. There are calls for de-escalation of symmetrical warfare between Trump supporters/Alt-Right and antifascists/anarchists. There is at least some recognition here that left wing and right wing militias fighting in the streets does little for the cause of defunding/abolitioning the police. I fear that things will only get worse.

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