“The Boogaloo”

I’ve been impressed with some of the discussions that have been taking place at A-News in recent months. The discussion that follows this piece is pretty good in places. There needs to be a psychic sea change in the general anarchist milieu away from hysterical leftism, which is part of the problem and not part of the solution, toward a general consensus in favor of autonomous communities for all forms of anarchists and voluntary communities for adherents of all other philosophies.


A couple of months ago, we spoke of civil war, not as passive spectators, but asking what if anarchists could be its main agitators. That hypothetical turning point seems to be foisted upon us. Recently, “professional anarchists” and “ANTIFA”tm have been accused of being “outside agitators” and the “terrorist” protagonists in the ongoing riots. Without denying our pedigree, we acknowledge that this time around our supposed role as protagonists is an exaggeration by the media and the government, as scaremongering and scapegoating tactics. So let’s give credit where it’s due: meet The Boogaloo.

Often styilized as “Boog”, this is a term used by (mostly right-wing) insurgents to refer to a Second Civil War in the United States. Some on the right see it mainly as an opportunity to cleanse the states and establish a “proper” government, some on the left have come to see it as a chance to execute their own agendas. They figure that the size of this country, its relationship with firearms and its many headstrong citizens will lead to a breaking point, the start of which is already here, according to some. The current riots that have erupted in many cities across the nation might the be closest thing yet to the fantasized Boogaloo.


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