Examining Ted Kaczynski’s Writings w/ Bellamy Fitzpatrick

This is a must listen. Pete Quinones interviews Bellamy Fitzpatrick on Ted Kaczynski. From what I gather, the Goofy Gillis/Alexander Rodham Ross sectors of the anarchist milieu about the interest in Kaczynski among other anarchists. Because fascism or something.

Listen to the interview here.

Bellamy Fitzpatrick is a writer, podcaster and self-described “green anarchist.”

Bellamy joins Pete to talk about the writings and thought of Ted Kaczynski, the “Unabomber.” Ted is a prolific writer (and killer) whose commentary on society should not be ignored, and is so poignant as to demand a response. Bellamy explains why green anarchists flock to his writings and then discusses with Pete some of the major themes of Ted’s books and papers.

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    • Thanks for linking that! The uni has been coming up more and more recently, and I have not yet heard anyone liken his methods to Lenin or Pol Pot. Environmental Accelerationist against the Technocracy.

      My sense is that people are becoming more aware of how “science” is being used to control ala the Rona, and are grasping for a response. It is very interesting to see ancap types turn to the unibomber for ideas on how to slow the technological march!

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