‘Never Trumper’ Stuart Stevens, longtime GOP operative, says he would even vote for Bernie Sanders to beat Trump

A George W. Bush loyalist says he prefers Bernie over Trump. Neocons and Antifa United Against the Orange Fuhrer!

By Suzanne Smalley

Yahoo News

Stuart Stevens has been a top strategist for Republican presidential candidates George W. Bush and Mitt Romney. His knack for advertising and media has helped conservatives like Haley Barbour, Thad Cochran, and Roy Blunt get elected. Stevens has been many things — a TV writer for Emmy-winning television programs, travel writer and media strategist — but he has always been an unapologetic Republican.

Donald Trump changed that.

“It’s just been a complete collapse,” Stevens told the Yahoo News Skullduggery podcast in reference to the Republican Party since Trump’s election. “The only thing I can compare it to is the collapse of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union.”

Stevens said he is registering as a Democrat in this election, abandoning the party he has worked for throughout his professional life. He said he hopes to expand upon his work designing ads for the Republican “Never Trumpers” at the Lincoln Project by working for the Democrats in the future because he believes “the big questions that affect us as a country are going to be decided in the Democratic Party.”


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