Why The Democrats “Big Tent Party” Obsession Is A Ruse Reply

The Democraps: A coalition of liberals, social democrats, neocons, Republicans, identitarians, and assorted dupes in the defense of the ruling class.

Martin Wolf, a former World Bank economist, said this a few years ago:

“Liberals, social democrats, and moderate conservatives are on the same side in the great battles against religious fanatics, obscurantists, extreme environmentalists, fascists, Marxists and, of course, contemporary anti-globalizers.”

In other words, the “First World” ruling class and its allies and puppets (the Atlanticist-Zionist-Wahhabi axis) versus the rest of the world.

The Democraps are essentially becoming the party of the top layer of the global ruling class for whom the Republitards merely serve as the bad cop: “Hey, at least we’re not THEM!”

Kulinksi wants the Democraps to be something that they are obviously never going to be.

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