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Don’t Play the System’s Game

By John Whitehead
In a comment to a recent post of mine (in which I ridiculed as scathingly as I could manage the dead-end of “identity politics,” the two-party system, and their attendant absurdities), a friend asked: “Lost in the ranting sarcasm is, what do you intend to do about it?”
My reply:
“We must learn to refocus our attention, away from the two-party theatre, which is an engineered side-show to attract & divide us. We must instead focus on our similarities, our common problems, our common needs, our common exploitation, our common fears & hopes. The powers that be, that are running the bipartisan circus to hypnotize us into constant warfare w each other, constant distrust, are the only ones benefitting when we concentrate on their games. They engineer bogus polarities & hatreds between the races, the sexes, the gays & the straights, the Republicans & the Democrats, the lower & middle classes, to distract us fr an awareness of our common plight, our common humanity, & our common enemy — which is them, the elite, the rich & powerful, the global techno-fascists, whatever label you feel comfortable with.
And the Covid19 “pandemic” is exactly similar to our two-party system, it is designed, by the very same elites, to weaken us, to create a climate of fear & mistrust, keep us in thrall to their “experts” who now warn us to avoid each other, not to meet and share our views, to rely on their advice only, not to listen to other voices, to blot out the other experts who don’t work for them.. The Lockdown is making us weaker, sicker, more cowardly, more dependent, not stronger, or healthier. We are divided physically (“social-distancing”), we are divided mentally & emotionally as well (by wearing masks, by hating those who choose not to wear masks), we are subjected to constant unfounded panic about a minor disease to keep us submissive, confused, terrified, unthinking. We are told to respect, even worship, the evil “leaders” they have imposed upon us and follow them as they push us down a dark path where lifelessness & joylessness are to be expected as “The New Normal.” The elite are stealing our future, our children’s’ future. And at the same time, they are making vast profits off us, while they destroy our physical & mental health, our economies, our livelihoods… Just as with their political systems, & their debt-slavery financial systems, they are using this medical hoax to divide us, isolate us, weaken us, prevent us from understanding our shared captivity in their clever evil traps.

If we realized the overlapping common concerns we share w the neighbors who are our supposed enemies, the other victims of the elite’s projects, our hatreds & confusion would subside and a new consciousness of friendship, not enmity, would ensue. The vast majority of Americans don’t desire war, with anyone, not w Russia, nor with China, nor Syria, Yemen, Venezuela, Iran, N Korea, etc. None of us want our prison systems to expand while our schools deteriorate. None of us want our health system to be run by profiteering insurance companies, Big Pharma criminals, and government “experts” who brainwash us into believing we are sick & in constant danger, & can only be saved by mindless submission to their omniscient guidance. None of us want to be controlled by Big Brother, constantly tracked, traced, monitored, censored, radiated, poisoned, brainwashed, terrorized. None of us want what we are being forced to submit to.
All we really want is to live happy peaceful productive lives, in a happy peaceful neighborhood, to live in freedom, raise our children in freedom, have enough to eat, to enjoy a good life, to walk in the woods, to go to the beach, not be forced into debt, bankruptcy, homelessness, prison, misery, depression, addiction, suicide. We want to live with hope & love, not hatred & despair & fear.
I intend to work for that awareness, that is what I “intend to do about it.” This constant hatred of Trump, of Biden, of their followers, & around Covid19, is absurd, it’s nonsense, they are all manufactured hoaxes, a dead end, and an extreme danger to all our futures. Both candidates are despicable, both parties are despicable, the contrived COVID “Pandemic” & the Lockdown are even more despicable, & the monsters that have created them all, that fund them all, are the most despicable of all. They & their systems — political, medical, media, financial, etc –must be understood for the malevolent lies & evils that they are & that they represent, and eliminated. Now.
We must see beyond these fake divisions and fears to our true common cause and purpose on this beautiful planet– embracing each other, & life, with open arms, & minds, & hearts.”

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