Why The ‘Lesser Evil’ Is An Illusion

The money quote: “Biden’s most progressive achievement will be having the most diverse, inclusive and intersectional cabinet of mass murderers ever assembled. 

By Caitlin Johnstone


There was a simultaneously hilarious and nightmare-inducing meme format that was popular not long ago called , in which the familiar Jim Davis comic is re-imagined as a Lovecraftian horror genre in which the titular cat often features as an eldritch demigod who is tormenting his owner Jon in some existentially terrifying way.

A common theme is a comic which starts out like a normal Garfield cartoon in which Jon is talking to his obese pet in the usual way we all grew up reading, then it turns out we were completely misperceiving the situation and the cat’s head is for example actually part of a tentacled hellbeast, perhaps dwelling within Jon himself.

Anyway, that’s basically what the “two”-party political system is like.


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