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What happens if Kim Jong Un is dead? Explaining North Korea’s succession plan

Hopefully, the DPRK will follow China, Vietnam, Laos, and to some degree Cuba, and adopt the New Economic Policy model of development that Lenin pursued in his later years.

By Armit Chaturvedi

Hindustan Times

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s disappearance from public life in recent months led to speculation about his health. And the fear for the worst gained credence after reports surfaced that he has handed over some power to his sister Kim Yo Jong.

Kim underwent a surgery earlier this year after which his health has been declining. And unlike other democratic countries, the Hermit Kingdom doesn’t have a succession plan in place. It is being ruled by Kim’s family since 1948; the 36-year-old became the supreme leader in 2011.

So what happens if Kim dies?

Kim’s grandfather Kim Il Sung started the Mount Paektu bloodline in the country in 1948. After his ascension to power, a cult of personality developed around him which was later passed on to his successors: Son Kim Jong Il and grandson Kim Jong Un in 2011.


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