Anarchy First! Unity Under the Black Flag

By Nicky Reid
The Revolution Without Specificity; A Critique of Anarchism ...
Smack ‘Anarcho-‘ on the front of anything and watch it become more revolutionary. When any system becomes completely voluntary, it becomes free to reach its full potential without fucking with other people’s right to do the same.
-Anarcho-Communism= People choosing to forgo money/class.
-Anarcho-Capitalism- People choosing to live like wild west bankers and madams.
-Anarcho-Feudalism= A Renaissance fare that never ends.
-Anarcho-Primitivism= A bunch of people living like savages with other consenting savages.
-Anarcho-Fascism= BDSM with more marching and flags
-Anarcho-Maoism= BDSM with more farming and graffiti
-Anarcho-Syndicalism= Direct democracy everywhere/all the time.
-Anarcho-Futurism= People consenting to a techno-guinea pig lifestyle.
-Anarcho-Islamism= People living like nomadic tribesmen.
-Anarcho-Monarchism= Self-government with fancy hero worship on the side.
-Anarcho-Feminism= Gender equality for those who want it.
-Anarcho-Patriarchy= Gender protectionism for those who want it.
-Anarcho-Secularism- People choosing to live without religion.
-Anarcho-Puritanism- People who observe no authority higher than god.
-Panarchism= All of this and more.
Almost everything can become groovy if we just agree to let people chose their own freaky adventure and fuck off.

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