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Trump Viciously Attacks Ilhan Omar & “Left Wing Fascists”

There are certainly metaphorical “fascists” on the Left but llhan isn’t one of them. I do wonder what her connections to the Muslim Brotherhood might be, although some in the movement for solidarity with Palestine feel she is actually too Zionist.  Either way, she is an important critic of US imperialism, and her confrontation with Elliot Abrams (son-in-law of neocon godfather Norman Podoretz) was priceless.

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  1. Did they ever determine if Ilhan Omar married her brother in order to get him into the country?
    Snopes says the allegation is “unproven”,
    But I’d trust Snopes as far as I could toss a 1-ton boulder with my bare hands. And Snopes’ review is dated Feb 15, 2019, nearly 1.5 years ago.
    Partial quote:

    “Clarion Project – February 23rd, 2020 – The latest controversy over Congresswoman Ilhan Omar appears to confirm a long speculated rumor that the Somali American refugee married her brother in order to get him papers so he could say in the United States.

    Abdihakim Osman, a Somali community leader who was close to Omar’s first husband Ahmed Hirsi, stepped forward to confirm the allegations are true.

    Osman, who runs a Facebook page called Xerta Shekh and is shown in photographs with Ilhan Omar’s first husband Hirsi, commented on the abnormalities around the second marriage to Ilhan Omar’s brother Ahmed Elmi.

    Speaking with the Daily Mail, Osman said that Omar’s first marriage to Ahmed Hirsi was a big Islamic wedding, which brought together two clans. That wedding wasn’t registered with the state, as is not unusual in the Somali community.

    Then, Osman said, a second, legally registered marriage quietly took place between Ilhan Omar and her brother Ahmed Elmi. The marriage was reportedly performed outside the community by a Christian minister.

    In fact, the community did not even know about a second wedding until the media turned up a second marriage certificate. While legally married to her brother, Ilhan had another child with her first husband Ahmed Hirsi. [partial quote ends]

    • She also funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to her married campaign manager, denied they were banging, but then he got divorced and married her. Between her and Ellison, we can see that Islamists in power are similar to televangelists.

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