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The UAE-Israel Deal is a US Strategy to Isolate Iran, Pro-Palestinians

By Randi Nord

Geopolitics Alert

Abu Dhabi (GPA) – The United Arab Emirates and Israel signed what President Trump called a “breakthrough” comprehensive diplomatic agreement last week. Abu Dhabi has whitewashed the deal as a net positive for Palestinians. A deeper look, however, shows that the agreement is another move in Washington’s strategy to isolate Iran.

The United States, Israel, and United Arab Emirates released a joint statement announcing the UAE-Israel deal to normalize relations on Thursday.

Under the deal, the United Arab Emirates became the third Arab state and first Gulf country to normalize relations with Israel and formally acknowledge its existence.

Jordan signed a similar deal with Tel Aviv in 1994 after the Oslo Accords. Meanwhile, Egypt’s cooperation with Israel dates back to 1979 under Gamal Abdel Nasser’s successor, Anwar Sadat, following the Camp David Accords.

  • Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi made their long-term relationship official last week with the historic Abraham Accords.
  • The UAE-Israel deal is a stab in the back for Palestinians at home and abroad.
  • The deal is also part of Washington’s 40-year strategy to politically and economically isolate Iran from its neighbors.


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