Left outraged by AOC’s bit role at Democratic convention

Alexandria and Bernie have the distinction of playing the role of Otto and Gregor Strasser to Biden’s Paul von Hindenberg and Kamala’s Fuhrer.

By Alex Thompson and Caitlin Oprysko


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had less time to speak at the Democratic National Convention than a former Republican governor, a George W. Bush Cabinet official, and the party’s unsuccessful 2004 nominee.

And the left isn’t happy about it, reigniting some of the tension from the 2020 presidential primary.

“AOC is the personification of the future of the party, but the traditional Dems have always struggled to keep up, motivate, and inspire,” said Natalia Salgado, chief of civic engagement at the Center for Popular Democracy. “If they understood what they need to do to turn out our communities, they would have had AOC front and center.”

Biden’s convention has so far seemed more intent in reaching out to moderates and disillusioned Republicans rather than the left wing of the party that he defeated in the primary. It’s unclear whether Ocasio-Cortez would have spoken at all had Bernie Sanders not asked her to second his nomination.


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  1. I expected the Overton Window to shift left for both parties, but it looks to me like the Democrats are trying to absorb centrists on the right while the Republicans self destruct on the far right. Will we end up with a new progressive party or will the Democrats move left after beating Trump?

    • I always figured that as the right continued to lose influence culturally, demographically, and generationally, it would become smaller and more marginalized but also more militant and extreme, which seems to have happened, and that the “center” would become the new mainstream “right,” which also seems to have happened.

      It’s possible that multiple new parties could emerge, a progressive party, a “radical center” party of the kind Brett Weinstein envisions, or a Never Trumper establishment centrist party. That’s what happened when the Whigs collapsed in the antebellum period. The Democrats were the only major party for a brief period, and their opposition was a collection of smaller parties (Free Soilers, Know-Nothings, Constitutional Union, etc) that eventually formed the Republicans with leftover Whigs.

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