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Joe Biden: An old man trying to lead a young country

Biden is playing the same role in relation to the Totalitarian Humanists that Paul von Hindenberg played to the National Socialists.

By John F. Harris


Joseph R. Biden Jr., at the age of 77 years, nine months, and 10 days has been alive for just a shade under one-third of the entire history of the United States as an independent nation.

One way to think about that is: Biden really is quite old.

Another way to think about that is: The United States really is quite young.

On Aug. 20, the day Biden will accept the Democratic nomination in his bid to become the oldest occupant of the White House — he would be 78 days older on his first day in office than Ronald Reagan was on his last—it is worth holding the subject up to the light from both angles.

How old is Biden?

Well, he is older than 94 percent of all living Americans, and older than 96 percent of all people alive on the planet, according to demographic data compiled by the United Nations.

He is already older than 27 presidents were when they died — including 14 years older than Franklin D. Roosevelt and 13 years older than Lyndon B. Johnson.

When Biden arrived in the U.S. Senate at age 30 on Jan. 3, 1973, he joined six senators who were born in the late 1800s. Of those 100 people — all of them men, and only one not white — he is one of just 13 who are still alive today.


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