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The New Class War author: How the PMC ruined everything

I agree with much of Lind’s analysis but his solutions seem a bit implausible. He calls for strengthening labor unions and religious institutions, the two institutions that are arguably the most in decline at present. His general economic paradigm amounts to “economic nationalism” (mercantilism), i.e. the standard “let’s go back to the 19th century in one form or another” that most people on the right seem to favor. Paleocons want 19th-century trade policies. Libertarians want 19th-century domestic economic policies. The religious right wants the social norms of the 19th century. The white nationalists want to revive 19th-century racism. Meanwhile, “progressives” keep blathering about “muh Sweden, muh Norway” but the same technocratic neoliberalism-driven class divisions are developing in those places as well.

Author Michael Lind describes his new book The New Class War and the argument it makes about the economy.

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