Political Correctness/Totalitarian Humanism

The Successor Ideology

This is a must-watch. These fellows discuss how totalitarian humanism is a type of secularized Christian moralism that is primarily rooted in the upper-middle class. The “social justice camp” that Coleman Hughes describes sounds like something out of the “Jesus camp” movie.

I remember the days when totalitarian humanism was only criticized by far-right reactionaries, Republican hacks, and one solitary anarchist weirdo (myself). I’m glad to see things have finally changed, and more liberals, centrists, leftists, minorities, libertarians, and others outside the conventional right are noticing what I have been pointing out for decades.

What do young progressives believe? In the popular vernacular, they are described as “liberals” or “leftists,” but these familiar labels obscure what is novel about the ideology many young activists are trying to advance in our universities, cultural institutions, media outlets, and even corporations. On issues of race, diversity, gender, and sexual expression these activists have made a clean break with their liberal forebearers.

Tune in to hear from our panel of experts: Manhattan Institute (MI) fellow and City Journal contributing editor, Coleman Hughes; New York Times opinion columnist, Ross Douthat; and columnist for Tablet Magazine, Wesley Yang—moderated by MI president Reihan Salam. Together, they discuss the “Successor Ideology” that is quickly becoming a major force in our national life. How is it that the civil rights ideal of a color-blind society was supplanted by calls for proactive anti-racism? Why do many colleges and universities feel comfortable dispensing with due process for sexual assault accusations? Do corporations have a duty to protect their employees from political opinions that make them feel unsafe?

In many ways, the intellectual terrain of our political debates and cultural life is unmapped. We hope that you will join our panel with some of the sharpest minds currently trying to make sense of our new reality.

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