Let’s talk about the not so liberal Democratic National Convention…. Reply

As I have said before, we really have three political parties: the neocon/neoliberal party (with two factions, the Pelosi Democrats and McConnell Republicans), the Trumpist party (mostly Trump, his immediate circle of family and friends, and his general base of voters), and the social democratic party (the Bernie/AOC configuration that the Dem party establishment goes out of their way to marginalize).  FAUX News is really the propaganda arm of the McConnell Republicans who have to pretend to be Trumpists to keep their ratings up. But their puppet masters care only about three things: tax cuts for billionaires, profits for the defense and petroleum industry, and Likud’s and Saudi’s Arabia’s foreign policy agendas.

The most significant thing about the two campaigns is that they’re both going out of their way to avoid talking about any issues of substance.

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