Anti-Imperialism/Foreign Policy

The Rise of Anarcho-Neoconservatism?

It’s definitely interesting how the anarchist sector of the US far-left seems to be drifting towards an implicitly “pro-American” view of international relations in a way that overlaps with those of neocons and neoliberals, while the Marxist sector has drifted toward “pro-Eastern” views that ironically overlaps with the far-right.

Now, we have left-anarchists like Alexander Reid-Ross taking the same “the antiwar movement is a tool of the Kremlin” line that imperialist hawks took in the Cold War period. A while back Goofy Gillis remarked that the actual global capitalist empire is really just a secondary consideration when what really matters is the war against fascists and Islamists, pretty much the same positions as the National Review/SPLC axis.

Just as many 1930s Communists eventually became neocons, and just as many New Left radicals from the 1960s eventually became neoliberals (who are basically left-neocons on international relations), look for many of today’s “anarchists” and Antifa to move in a similar direction. They already are.

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