The New Gun Control

Here is why “conservatives” are ultimately self-defeating on the gun control issue. Conservatives will infinitely claim fidelity to the 2nd Amendment, but they will turn around and favor mandatory minimums for any “unlawful” use of a firearm. So someone actually uses a firearm in self-defense, gets criminal charges, and faces a lengthy mandatory minimum. So right-wing support for gun rights is ultimately canceled out by their “law and order” fanaticism.

By John Howting


Just after 1 a.m. on July 22, 2019, Tyler Wingate, a 24-year-old white male, was driving on Livernois in Detroit when Lawrence Davis, a 24-year-old black male, bumped into him. The two pulled into a gas station to resolve the minor fender bender. Both got out of their cars. Wingate took one step when Davis allegedly charged at him, knocked him to the ground with a hard punch, and kicked him in the head repeatedly until the 24-year-old white kid from the suburbs was dead. Davis’s trial is ongoing. Before his death, Wingate had worked hard and saved up his money for his plan to buy a house in Detroit and become a part of Detroit’s big comeback.

There are many such instances across the country which illustrate the importance of owning a firearm for self-defense. However, the idea of a white person defending himself by even brandishing a gun in such a situation is detestable to polite opinion. If Wingate had drawn a gun in reaction to threatening behavior by Davis, he may have been destroyed afterwards by the legal system. In the current, racially charged political environment, whites have only two bad options when faced with violence: submit to their aggressors or risk jail after defending themselves.

Consider just two among many recent episodes: the McCloskey’s and the Wuestenberg’s.


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  1. I call myself a “2nd Amendment absolutist”. From the Heller (2008) and McDonald (2010) decisions, I believe that the Founding Fathers made clear that the 2nd Amendment “guaranteed” (NOT “granted”) the RTKBA.
    And I believe that any gun law which didn’t generally exist in 1789/1791 (when the 2nd was written/ratified) constitutes an “infringement” (see the root word “fringe”) of their guarantee.
    When the 2nd Amendment was written and ratified, the only people denied the RTKBA were:
    1. Slaves. (And this was fixed with the 13th and 14th Amendment.)
    2. People WHILE they were in jail or prison.

    So, virtually no restrictions on RTKBA should exist. Certainly nothing passed in the 20th century.
    (but also see “heller dicta”. Being “dicta” it must be ignored.)

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