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  1. “Sorry, Laura, but your team had 50 years of the Nixon-Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama police/carceral state.”

    EXCEPT, that once the November 2016 election had been decided, Obama had the power to do this:

    Pardon all Federal prisoners either convicted of a drug crime.
    Pardon all Federal sentences based in part on a prior drug crime, either Federal or State.

    (many sentences are based on prior sentences. Say, a person who is first convicted of some drug crime, and is later convicted of “felon-in-possession of a gun”.)

    Half of Federal prisons could have been emptied, almost instantly.
    But they weren’t. Why weren’t they?

    Obama could have stood up beside Biden, where Biden admitted that his 1993 crime law had turned out to be a mistake.

    Why didn’t all that happen?

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