Election 2020: Conspiracy theory candidates become mainstream by politicizing fear

As if mainstream politicians somehow aren’t involved in “politicizing fear.” Remember the “smoking gun that was going to turn into a mushroom cloud” or “Colon” Powell’s smoke and mirrors show in front of the UN? Or the daily dose of “the Russians are coming” from MSNBC? Or Iran’s non-existent nuclear program?

By Wendy Rhodes

Palm Beach Post

Reba Sherrill of Palm Beach wants to represent Florida in Congress.

The Republican candidate for the District 21 seat presently held by Democrat Lois Frankel said she supports term limits and calls for health care plans to include dental and eye coverage.

Pretty standard campaign stances for Republican candidates. Then, there are Sherrill’s more atypical beliefs.

Sherrill also believes that “pedivores” — or pedophile cannibals — eat babies to get high. And that children as young as six are taught about having sex with animals.


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