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  1. I’m sorry, but I totally don’t understand this.

    Maybe if I lived in NY high rises. But around here the only renters I know live in single family homes owned by other middle class families. There are a couple small multi-family complexes, but very few. The vast majority are homes.

    In this case it just seems like more inter-tribal conflict than “fighting the man” in any real way. Feels more like the looting of the hair salon, rather than Target.

  2. I live in the Twin Cities Minnesota. My understanding is that about 1/3 national rental units are single family homes. I am not sure the size of the corporations which manage these rentals, but am guessing that big businesses would rather do high rises.

    I simply have no experience whatsoever with apartments, so I am not qualified to speak on the subject, only that the idea of a rent strike has zero resonance with me. My idea of fucking the system in this regard is living in a camper or minivan, not squatting in some dudes rental unit. No offense, but it just doesn’t seem fun.

    • Well, the issue is that we currently have a state-induced depression that is in the process of creating mass homelessness. If the rent strikes are successful, I would have no problem with a bailout for small landlords or direct compensation for evicted renters. I see that as reparations.

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