Tom Cotton’s Only Challenger Is a Black Libertarian Prison Chaplain

Arch-militarist, arch-police statist, arch-imperialist, arch-Zionist, arch-corporatist Tom Cotton needs to go. If you live in Arkansas and believe in voting, vote this dude.

By Zuri Davis


Sen. Tom Cotton’s Democratic challenger, Josh Mahony, dropped out of the U.S. Senate race just hours after the filing deadline closed. Between this and Cotton’s comments over the past few weeks, which range from calling slavery a “necessary evil” to calling for military force in American streets, many Arkansas voters worry that the Republican incumbent is running unopposed.

Actually, there’s Ricky Dale Harrington, Jr.

There is an alternative to Tom Cotton,” reads a Tuesday headline from the Arkansas Times, reminding voters that Cotton’s race is not as uncontested as some people believe.

A Libertarian prison chaplain who hopes to be Arkansas’ first black senator, Harrington is indeed a unique candidate. The 34-year-old Pine Bluff resident is a husband and a father. He’s also the son of a corrections officer and a nurse, which he says is particularly fitting since his campaign’s main issues are criminal justice reform and health care reform.


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