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The Pipelines Problem

Some on the left have complained about the “libertarian to alt-right pipeline” issue, where former libertarians and ancaps have embraced one or another version of the alt-right. During the Ron Paul era, there was an influx of a lot of people, particularly younger people, into the libertarian milieu. Some started pushing what is now called the SJW perspective (“libertarianism plus”), and some of the rightward-leaning ones responded with a “Yikes! WTF?” reaction and went to the then-nascent alt-right (with figures like Stefan Molyneaux being conduits).

As “right-wing” ideas started showing up in libertarian circles (“physical removal”), some left-leaning libertarians responded with a “Yikes! WTF?” reaction and started embracing SJWism. A similar thing has happened in the mainstream with Trump Derangement Syndrome pushing some liberals toward hysteria (“the resistance”), which has had the effect of pushing other liberals toward Trumpism (“walk away,” the Dave Rubin effect, etc). The two videos below are an example of the latter. The problem is that none of these perspectives are authentically anti-System. All of the folks who participate in these tendencies are merely hamsters on a wheel.

Following the social media of adherents of all of these perspectives, I rarely see any insights into how the System actually works, or any actual plans to oppose the System effectively. The most left-leaning people are typically regurgitating what they got out of Howard Zinn books that were published decades ago. The most right-leaning people are typically regurgitating what they picked up from edgy YouTubers. And the ones somewhere in the comparable middle have little to say other “Vote like your life depends on it” (puke). Too many people keeping getting trapped in “pipelines” that lead back to where they started from.

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