DNC Committee Says HELL NO To Legal Weed & Medicare For All 2

The Democraps obvious strategy is obviously to bring the neocons and Never Trumpers into their coalition, along with Wall Street and woke soccer moms while marginalizing whatever minuscule economic left, libertarian, or anti-imperialist sectors they have among their party.


  1. This is truly insane, about the failure of the Democrats to push legalization of pot. Timothy Leary will be rolling over in his grave. Cheech and Chong would be rolling over in their graves, if they were dead already.
    Worst yet, pot has already become legal in many states, and yet none of the “Parade of horribles” outcomes has come true.
    Remember “Reefer Madness”?

    What good could possibly come from the Democrats NOT supporting legalized pot?

    • Now that the Republicans have been taken over by Trump, the neocons and Never Trumpers have colonized the Democrats. The Democrats are now just the warmed-over Bush Republicans. They’ve gone out of their way to marginalize the more left-leaning sectors of their party while forming an alliance with the professional class PC Left. The Democratic Party today basically means the Republicans plus diversity initiatives and token wokeness.

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