Biden’s VP shortlist comes up short

It appears that the present strategy of the dominant factions of the power elite, the upper strata of the ruling class, is to allow Trump to fuck up as much as possible in order to get rid of him in November, as they clearly want him gone. They understand that Biden, who can barely string a sentence together at this point, will merely be a ventriloquist dummy. The real question is who will be the de facto president while Biden wanders further off into lalaland. Obviously, the overlords of the empire want Susan Rice, one of their experienced operatives and the one who is most acceptable to the neocons who have colonized the Democratic Party, but they’re also concerned about who will be the most electable and most easy to use a tool with which to maintain the loyalty of the center while co-opting the center-left/far-left. They don’t want Lizzie the Scamster because her faux-populist economic rhetoric, while fraudulent, is still too much for the capitalist class. Harris fits all the PC credentials but they apparently realize she’s an opportunistic creepster and they don’t trust her. So they’re still asking themselves: Who can we make look credible while still easily pulling their strings?

By Ryan Lizza


The Democratic presidential nominee wants to pick someone who is like him (or at least the way he saw himself as vice president): loyal, trusted, experienced, apolitical, someone with whom he will bond.

“He’s not kidding when he says I really want someone I’m simpatico with — someone he can trust,” said a close Biden ally. “His experience with Obama was one of genuine closeness and trust.”

As Biden conducts a series of interviews with a final list of potential running mates ahead of his August decision, his biggest concern is that there is nobody on his list with whom he has any previous deep relationship.


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