Fourth Generation Warfare

A ‘Wall of Vets’ joined the ranks of the Portland protesters

As an anti-imperialist anarchist, my take on American soldiers has always been that any standing army is essentially an organized crime cartel, but that most criminals are essentially revolutionaries with a lack of direction. This is the reason that so many of our countries most fearless and effective revolutionaries picked up their skills in prison or on the battlefield. It should never be forgotten that it was insurrection among the ranks that brought the war in Vietnam to a screeching halt. Portland’s Wall of Vets are a part of that proud tradition and this anti-American heretic solutes them for their service.” -Nicky Reid

By James Clark

Task and Purpose

A group of military veterans have bolstered the ranks of protesters in Portland, Oregon by creating a “Wall of Vets.”

The demonstrators told New York Times’ Mike Baker that they were there to ensure federal law enforcement officers didn’t infringe on the rights of other protesters.

“Our veterans are here specifically to support the rights of the protesters to protest,” Duston Obermeyer, a Marine Corps veteran, said in one of more than a dozen videos that Baker posted to Twitter on Saturday.


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