Police State/Civil Liberties

Portland: A Manifestation of the Universal Police State

As I have been saying for years, the US police state (the largest of any country that is a formal democracy) has grown to the point where it no longer limits its attacks to those on the bottom layers or the margins of the social stratification system. It now comes after everyone.
“The leader of this country is using the police under his control to violently attack his political opponents. This is a shock to middle-class liberals because this has never happened to them before. It usually only happens to underclass Blacks, Natives, the homeless, and working-class people of all colors who attempt to organize for worker’s rights. There is a long, well-documented history of this. One of the more memorable times this occurred is when Nixon used the war on drugs to target Black people and hippies. He was caught on tape admitting it. It’s not a huge revelation if you’ve been paying attention. The thing about this is that the police state can be used on anyone. It can be used by a republican or Democrat president against his rivals. Are we so dumb to believe that the police state is only used in this way in other countries such as Iraq under Saddam or in North Korea? This is the original purpose of the police. Not to keep people safe, but to maintain power over a population with overwhelming violence.”- Vine Rinehart
By John Maher

Edit and disclaimer: The post below is the immediate reaction of a father, not a deeply researched description of the situation on the ground in Portland. Nonetheless, I know my daughter well enough that the circumstances described suggest that we should all be concerned and learn more about what is going on. With that disclaimer out of the way, she is a brave, talented, and sincere person who works for justice every day in her day job before heading out to protest. I am very proud of her.
“On the morning of July 4th, the DHS Rapid Deployment Force implemented tactics intended to positively identify and arrest serious offenders for crimes such as assault, while protecting the rights of individuals engaged in protected free speech activity,”
—-Federal Protective Services (FPS) regional director, Gabriel Russell
This is a lie. Below is a picture of the bicycle helmet my daughter wore to a protest in Portland on Tuesday evening July 21. The non-lethal munition penetrated the helmet and lodged there. No order to disperse was delivered before these were fired at the crowd. The next night, the mayor of Portland was tear-gassed under similar circumstances. The DHS Rapid Deployment Force are not protecting the rights of individuals engaged in free speech activity. They are deliberately trying to hurt people, and it is an absolute certainty that they will eventually kill someone if they keep up this level of reckless behavior I am proud of this mighty young woman. Our children will save us.”


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