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Seattle Protests: Fires and Pepper Spray as Thousands March Through City

I’m happy to see leftists chanting “Feds Go Home.” But will they keep it up if Trump leaves and Biden comes in?

By Mike Baker and

New York Times

SEATTLE — After weeks of escalating confrontations between protesters and federal authorities in Portland, Ore., a crowd of about 2,000 people mobilized in Seattle on Saturday, marching through the streets and clashing with the police.

Three police officers were injured, including one who was hospitalized with a leg injury caused by an explosive, and 25 protesters were arrested as of early evening, the police said.

Carrying signs such as “Feds Go Home” and shouting chants of “No justice, no peace,” the protesters stopped at the site of a future youth detention center and lit buildings there on fire. Some smashed windows of nearby businesses.

The police confronted the crowd in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, deploying flash grenades and pepper spray before they began taking people into custody.


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