Poll Finds Just 13% of Voters Still Up for Grabs for Trump, Biden Reply

The battle lines have obviously been drawn between the partisans, but what I am most curious about is what the actual turnout for the election is going to be. This 13% seems to come mostly from the “politically disengaged” category identified by the “Hidden Tribes” study from 2018. As for the other tribes, the progressive activists, traditional liberals, and passive liberals are likely overwhelmingly for Biden, with the traditional conservatives and very conservative being for Trump, and the moderates and politically disengaged split but with the majority of both leaning toward Biden.

By Catherine Lucey

Wall Street Journal

Meet an exclusive club of presidential voters: politically moderate, lukewarm on both candidates, frustrated by the system and not sure exactly how, if or for whom they will cast a ballot.

A recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll revealed that just 13% of voters say their vote is up for grabs in the presidential election. That is compared with 50% who say there is no chance they will support President Trump and 37% who say there is no chance they will support presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.


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