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Idiot GOP Bailout Plan To Cut Social Security, Lose Election

I strongly suspect that at least some Republicans are closet Lincoln Project sympathizers who are trying to sabotage Trump’s reelection effort. The Republicans seem to be splitting into multiple factions, including movement conservatives who are party loyalists first (because they make their living as “professional Republicans”), neocons and Never Trumpers for whom the party is merely a means to an end (advancing their class interests and/or foreign policy objectives), neo-realists/neo-mercantilists who realize the empire must make some changes in order to survive (and who have tried to latch onto Trump, largely unsuccessfully), fringe libertarians like Rand Paul, and actual Trumpists, mostly evangelicals and nativists who actually take him seriously.

Saagar Enjeti details exclusive reporting which reveals several Senate Republicans are upset with the amount of debt the country is going into due to the Coronavirus and are insisting on, “The Trust Act,” being including in their next package.

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