Liberty & Logos – Episode 4 – ‘Anarchism’ (pt. 1)

The discussion of the condition of the North American anarchist milieu is spot on. In the space of 100 years, anarchists have gone from being hated foreign terrorists (like today’s Islamists) to being the subject of puff pieces in teenybopper magazines, and the shock troops of the ruling class ideology who waste time getting into confrontations with other marginal extremists.

Setting the scene – light vs. dark – anarchist vs. reactionary

Binge drinking comes to France!
The degeneration of intergenerational community
Bellamy deftly ties it back to the State
Soft power. permissiveness and Brave New World

Why is Anarchism in Teen Vogue?
From Terrorists to Activists in 100 years
Bringing the Fringe into the Fold
Pipers and Catchers
Repackaging and Shaving off the Rough Edges of Ideology
Anarchists as shocktroopers of the Wokeness

A broad-strokes definition of Anarchism
A negative conception?
Ethics vs. anti ethics
Not a complete philosophy of life
Different views of human nature
The individual vs. the collective
Are 90% of ‘anarchists’ just commies?
Bellamy explains why anarcho-communism wouldn’t work
The robust, positive values of Bellamy’s anarchism

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