Culture Wars/Current Controversies

“Honestly Just Idiots”

By Andrew

Trump is a terrible president and demonstrates sociopathic and authoritarian tendencies. YOU’RE A DAMN LEFTIST!
Biden is a terrible Democratic candidate with some serious political baggage and gaffes. YOU’RE A DAMN RIGHT WINGER!
I support a fair amount of decentralization, bottom-up governance, and governments to scale due to human fallibility and the corruptive nature of governmental power. YOU’RE ONE OF THOSE GOVERNMENT HATING REPUBLICANS!

I don’t support monopolization and corporatization. UGH, YOU’RE ONE OF THOSE SOCIALISTS!
I think there should be straight forward regulations to protect against negative externalities and serious ecological degradation. STUPID TREE HUGGING DEMOCRAT!
I’m against taxing income and a person’s labor, productivity, and innovation. YOU DAMN HEARTLESS CAPITALIST!
…and the hits keep coming.
People who only see the world as left or right, socialist or capitalist, Democrat or Republican, or some other false dichotomy are honestly just idiots…and I’m done with trying to communicate with idiots who rely on never-ending ad hominem attacks. There are much better things we can do with our time and energy.

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