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US Federal forces sent to cities to police and protect monuments

This is an unfortunate illustration of why the outbreak of statuephobia was a tactical error. It had the effect of provoking an expanded police state response from the feds who have since murdered a protestor in Portland. Additionally, it is likely to push the cultural right (which has a powerful strand of anti-fed sentiment) toward greater sympathy for the feds. Think tactically, folks.


Protesters who have clashed with authorities in the Pacific Northwest are not just confronting local police.

Some are also facing off against federal officers whose presence reflects President Donald Trump’s decision to make cracking down on “violent mayhem” a federal priority.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has deployed officers in tactical gear from around the country, and from more than half a dozen federal law enforcement agencies and departments, to Portland, Oregon, as part of a surge aimed at what a senior official said were people taking advantage of demonstrations over the police killing of George Floyd to commit violence and vandalism.


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  1. ” It had the effect of provoking an expanded police state response from the feds who have since murdered a protestor in Portland.”

    I am not aware that Feds have “murdered a protestor in Portland”. There WAS a recent incident where a peaceful protestor was hit in the head with a “less than lethal” projectile, but I think he survived with significant injuries.
    This incident shows why someone near such a protest should (at least) be wearing a pair of sturdy goggles.

    It also calls for a technological advance: Such government-used weapons should be equipped with GPS, a video camera to show what was being aimed at, as well as an immediate data broadcast to provide an indelible record as to who was aimed at, and who was hit.

  2. Trump has bragged that he’s “quelled” Portland but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If anything people here are more angry, and there is more support for the protests especially since a legitimately peaceful protester was shot in the head. There have been two more nights of protesting since then, including at the federal courthouse where the protester was shot, where people have continued to face off with the Border Patrol tactical team and DHS. Last night the protest went to the police union building miles away in a residential neighborhood. Trump is just trying to make himself look like a strong-man.

    Also, as far as I know the protester who was shot in the head has survived. He was hit with less than lethal munitions, though it looked really, really bad.

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